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The Slick Trick is designed to be very user-friendly and affordable while providing the sounds and versatility of a more expensive alternative. The Slick Trick gives you the sound and comfort of an all turned acrylic barrel and the reduced price of a poly. Featuring a hand-polished acrylic barrel, this call features a double reed poly insert that is tuned to give the caller the best of both worlds.

The Slick Trick requires very little air but also gives you the option to lean on it if you would like and provides an ultra-realistic sound from top to bottom. We have modified the tone board and reeds slightly to make this call much less prone to sticking while increasing the tonal range and irresistible duck sounds.
This call will thrive in just about any hunting situation with a medium volume, deep, raspy double reed sound that truly excels on high pressured ducks and those out the way honey holes that ducks flock to all season long.


  • - Hand-tuned and tested in-house
  • - Ultra realistic sound
  • - Affordable quality
  • - Easy blowing
  • - Impressive tonal range

“When the water is up and the ducks are pressured late in the season I hunt a lot of flooded timber, willows and sheet water. This call gives me the confidence I need to call those “stale” birds in tough conditions and still make the sounds I need to be successful each and every day all year long” –Eric Strand