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"TWO-TONE" - Elk Cow Call

The "Two Tone' is an innovative new elk call designed to give you, the caller, the ability to produce twice as many sounds as any other call on the market. When we sat down to design the Two Tone we wanted to build a call that would produce more volume than any other open reed but also ultra realistic finesse sounds when needed.

Built on an acrylic J-Frame platform this call is easy to blow and easy to customize and tune. The mouthpiece of the call is fitted with a double o-ring system giving you an airtight seal against the barrel. The one of a kind aluminum barrel changes the calls tone while also increasing the volume. When the barrel is removed you get a quieter version with the pure sounds of an all acrylic call.

Each call includes a 275 paracord lanyard, 3 reed set and one extra rubberized cork. If you are interested in achieving ultra realistic elk sounds, increased volume and taking your elk calling to the next level you will love the Two Tone by Born and Raised Call Co.

-Kody Kellom


Customer Reviews

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Two Tone Elk Call

This is a great sounding, easy-to-blow cow/calf external call that is the best one I’ve ever used! You killed it BRO!

Phil Williams
Two tone cow call

Great sounding call even for a beginner like me.

Can't wait until I can use this thing during season

This is by far the easiest to use best sounding elk call i have ever used! You can cow or calf call so loud it hurts your ears but sounds amazing or you can mew super quiet and soft. You can remove the metal barrel and it sounds like completely different cows/calfs. Anyways you guys killed it with this call like you always do took me awhile to fork out 70$ but im glad I did totally worth it.

Jim F Hendrickson
Two Tone Cow Call

Excellent call, has a special sound of its own, When I seen and heard Eric call that Bull back for Steve, I was HOOKED, had to get that call, easy to work with, easy to blow, sounds great. Jim, Two Time Oregon State Elk Calling Champion

Connor Parks

An excellent sounding open reed. Although I cannot yet attest to it’s effectiveness in the field it certainly makes my dogs kick their heads back and howl. So I’m pretty damn sure it’ll make the bulls do the same thing. Has a very easily achievable mature cow sound while also sporting a hyper realistic calf call. Very excited to whip it out in the elk woods.