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NoDak Goose Call


The SmackEM Outdoors NoDak goose call comes to you from years of hard core goose hunting knowledge coming together to build and collaborate on a goose call that is sure to become the true workhorse in the Born and Raised goose call line. Eric sat down with Dustin, Collin and Carter of SmackEM Outdoors with the intentions of building the one goose call you'll always carry from the beginning to the end of the season, no matter the conditions, no matter the subspecies and no matter the scenario. 

We went back and forth working out all the bugs with several different prototypes and the end result is a goose call that all of us agree will have a permanent spot on our lanyards and we are proud to put our names on it! 

The NoDak is designed to be a call that you can use for running traffic, setting up on the X or breaking down migrators in all weather conditions, all times of the year. You can get low and slow with it and achieve deep big goose sounds, whistles and moans or step on it and get super fast, scratchy barks, loud top end and unmatched speed.  

Guides, outfitters and hardcore goose hunters from across the Flyway's know how valuable it is to have a call you believe in and trust to perform every day. From the Giants of Minnesota to the interiors of the Dakotas and the Lessers and Taverners of the Pacific West we assure you this is the call you'll want to have day in and day out!

Check out SmackEM outdoors' YouTube Page HERE.

Customer Reviews

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Fell apart

Three hunt and the reed and wedge fell out

Super sweet

This is my first call from born and raised calls and I’m hooked I absolutely love it! Super easy to use and sounds fantastic. Also looks and feels perfect. Keep it up guys hope to see you selling calls in scheels in the near future.