About Us


Born And Raised Outdoors was founded in 2007 by Trent Fisher, Kody Kellom and Treavor Fisher, with the mission to capture their archery elk hunts on film. Through their adventures, they found the need for more realistic calls. But the idea of creating something new finally came to reality in 2020. They were joined on this venture with renowned waterfowl caller, Eric Strand. His venture goes back to 2012 when he and a friend started S2 Calls. Over the years he competed on stages across the country bringing home several titles in both goose and duck calling. Over the years, Eric, Trent, Kody & Treavor have built a friendship and brotherhood together. It only made sense to combine forces to continue building the most innovative and highest quality game calls on the market.

As kids, we were always trying to learn how to be better callers in the field. Whether it was chasing bugles in September, or honkers in December, we were trying to hone our skills. The Born & Raised Call Co. was founded on passion for elk, waterfowl and turkeys. As we set out to make calls for the people, by the people, we want to bring you with us on this journey and discover new and better ways to call in the game you pursue.