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SOUND BITE - Elk Cow Call

The Sound Bite is a one piece, machined, U.S. acrylic open reed elk call utilizing a J-Frame style tone board to give the caller the ability to achieve a full range of cow and calf elk sounds with ease. The J-Frame style tone board makes this call easy to operate while allowing for callers of all skill sets to easily customize and tune each call to fit their needs.
We chose to build this call from a cast acrylic rod because of its density and superior tonal qualities making this one of the most realistic and loudest open reed elk calls on the market.
Each call includes a 275 paracord lanyard, 3 reed set and one extra rubberized cork.
If you are interested in achieving ultra realistic elk sounds and taking your elk calling to the next level you will love the Sound Bite by Born and Raised Call Co.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Super easy for beginners

This was the first elk call I've ever bought. I'm gearing up to go on my first elk hunt next year. Having never used an open reed call before, I found that after a few attempts and playing around with the orange band I was able to get consistent calls that sound semi-realistic. I know more practice is needed, but so far I'm impressed and can't wait to get diaphragm calls and a tube next! Thanks y'all!

Need more instruction

I have watched El toc 101 videos as well as born and raised videos I cannot get the hang ang of This call and other mouth read calls.
That's why I gave it the review I did It is not as easy as they say.

Marcellus Jeter
One call you will need

I’ve blown a lot of calls and these guys hit a homerun with this call. The sound is amazing. The call is extremely easy to use and sounds like a real cow elk. The one call that I’ve been waiting for . Thank you

Marcellus Jeter
Realistic Sounds

I was skeptical , as I’ve ordered calls after calls and really never felt comfortable with the cow calls I was producing. So I decided to order yet another call. When this call arrives I took it straight out of the plastic and blew. Finally !!! I’ve found it. This call is easy to use, lightweight, with realistic sounds. I can consistently achieve the sound in which I’ve been searching for. Thank you for taking the time to produce a call that anyone can use and be consistent. I love it