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True Honker


When we sat down to design the True Honker we had just one thing in mind……design a honker call that is easy to run, ultra-realistic, and above all else a call that would duplicate that deep, goosey, True Honker sound in any situation. The True honker is built for the every-day goose hunter no matter your experience level who demands nothing but the best out of his equipment. Featuring a semi-broken in the gut system this call has a mouthpiece designed to funnel air directly to the guts making it not only easy to use but very efficient. The insert gives you the ability to easily achieve the low-end goosey notes that honkers make while also giving you the buzzy/raspy notes on the top end that gets the attention of high flying flocks or when your running traffic on a field next to the “X”. The True honkers versatility makes it an easy choice for hunters across the country, whether your hunting resident September honkers or migrators this call will produce the sounds you need to put 'em feet down in the decoys day after day.

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