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"The Collection" Call Pack is a 5x pack of cow elk diaphragms, including one of each of the Born and Raised Call Co. signature reeds. Included in this pack is the following:

- (1x) The Reason (blue)

- (1x) Committed (yellow)

- (1x) Tagged Out (black)

- (1x) September (orange)

- (1x) Land of the Free (red)

- (1x) EZ Cow  (white)

- (1x) Over The Counter (grey)

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Scott Mahe
Great sound

Love the ability to purchase all the calls in a bundle. Was able to get great sound out of all of them. Love the different textures of the latex to play around with to see what each one can do. Definitely nice to have a mix bag going into the season. Makes me feel suave with have the whole playbook of different calls to get that holding bull into the kill zone. Thanks gents

Adrian Cooper
Sound awesome!

I'm not going to lie, it took me a little time to get used to them. It didn't feel like I could get the sound I wanted out of them. After playing around with each of them I figured out I had to move them to a different position on my palate then I was used to with Phelps diaphragms and the sounds i started to get are awesome! Especially love the
September and Tagged Out. I'll be buying these from now on for sure. Hoping to grab the tube to go with them as well!